Our Origin

British scent specialists Laboratory Perfumes was founded in 2012. The appeal of fragrance was not only its longevity, but the way a scent manages to be both personal and invisible.

Laboratory Perfumes is run by a small, dedicated team based in London. 

We are all proud of the fact that everything we create is as sustainable as possible. Back in 2012, we have to admit it was necessity rather than foresight that dictated we sourced all our ingredients and packaging components within a 130 mile radius of our home (we couldn’t afford to go anywhere else), but today we still make sure we do away with anything unnecessary, keep our supply chain small, and produce everything in accordance with the same Hippocratic principle underpinning modern medicine: ‘First, do no harm’. 

At Laboratory Perfumes, we try to look after the world. After all, it’s where both the inspiration and the ingredients for our fragrances come from. We know that by creating and selling scents and candles we’re not going to save the planet, but we work hard to ensure that we do the least damage possible.